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Just like with Trump supporters they're doing a lot more harm than good exponentially with the trust the plan bullshit.

When people, as in authorities, are faltering in their duties they need to feel it, with shame. Money and power doesn't protect you from embarrassment and there's no better motivator. Life isn't a party, there are no party poopers. Overall the sensibilities people have today are very tragically feminine.

Frankly I would go out to say Russia society hasn't truly felt the magnitude of what is happening, and a steamrolled victory would just add on to the delusions. It's evil vs good, there's no room for vanity now or the future.

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Some say "life is struggle" in the sense man feels alive only when in distress and under threat. Peace and serenity make for a lethargic existence. Prehistoric men would say that every day they made it alive and unscathed was a good day. Animals still, they would relate the same feeling if they could be aware and communicate.

Also, this urge to fight is verified empirically at the species macro-level: whenever humanity has found itself in a stable situation of peace and abundance with no threat on sight - say, the 90s after the soviet collapse - at the end of the day factions always emerge; instability and war always come back.

It's an invincible, internecine desire to create both friends and enemies and go down the war path. And for whatever reason: we'll make up a motive along the way. By the way, I see you have found your punching bags.

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I hope this problem with 'special operation' will prompt Russian leadership to finally identify whom they are actually fighting. Not to say that 'Nazis' or whoever they mean when they through around this term, don't exit in Ukraine, but blaming 'Nazis' for all Ukraine troubles is akin to blaming BLM for American ones. Beneficiaries - yes, decision makers - no

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I used to enjoy the Saker. Really, I did.

Ultimately though...one can only be wrong so many times before one loses credibility.

At the very least, there is a way to be wrong and gracefully accept it, but he started losing me when he said Russia should abandon Ukraine, and then when the invasion started, immediately supporting it.

I myself had been figuring (and hoping) Russia would invade, because it was the most sensible thing to do.

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One thing that I would suggest people consider, in the 'Big Picture' context of the Ukraine war, is that the globalist / WEF puppets running almost all Western governments would never have been able to deliberately send energy prices up through the ceiling (a key WEF objective) - without Putin invading Ukraine.

The invasion of Ukraine provided the absolutely essential pretext for Western WEF puppet governments to impose the sanctions which are supposedly against Russia - but which actually have the economies and living standards of the peoples of the West as their key target.

The WEF plan is to utterly trash the economies of (particularly) Europe with such high energy prices that hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of small companies, shops, restaurants etc. will have to close down, or go bankrupt, because they they won't be able to afford their energy bills.

This is after Stage 1 of the globalists' plan for the destruction of the West - which was the long-planned 'Covid crisis' and lockdowns - which bankrupted hundreds of thousands of shops , small businesses, restaurants, etc. - and achieved the largest transfer of wealth from ordinary people to the multi-billionaire oligarchs (Amazon et al) in history.

The point: the coming Winter of destruction for Europe, particularly, via the wholly deliberate engineering of massive energy prices rises by the EU and Biden criminal gangs could never have been achieved (because there would have been no excuse - i.e., suitable 'Narrative' - for them, without Putin invading Ukraine.

So - unless you think that Putin is incredibly stupid and gullible, and that he was manipulated into invading Ukraine, the only possible other conclusion is that Putin is in bed with the globalist criminals, while pretending to the Russian people that he is a patriot and a nationalist.

And for those who will rage against this assertion, I say this: if you think that Putin and his government are patriots, and not globalist puppets, then how do you explain that Putin's government has implemented all of the globalist WHO's / Bill Gates' coercion of people to be injected with the pathogenic Covid 'vaccines', vaccine passes, and all the rest of the globalist criminal's plan, while slavishly worshiping the WHO, who are, along with the UN, the nascent World Government in reality?

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"What I do not[e] is that there are A LOT of very unhappy voices in the Russian blogosphere and this is hardly surprising. First, the western PSYOPs are making the most of this, and part of the Russian audience is freaking out. Second, most Russians are now too young to remember WWII and thus there are also plenty of Russians who simply do not understand that a retreat does not necessarily mean “disaster” (though it CAN mean that too, depends on the circumstances) and that this is simply what warfare is all about.

Simply put, any new type of warfare, like the SMO, always implies two things:

Mistakes are inevitably made and need to be corrected and

Some aspects of the of the operational planning need to be adjusted or even changed completely

==>>These things are NORMAL, they “come with the territory” if you wish.<<==

In Russian there is an expression “this is unpleasant/upsetting but not dangerous” (это обидно, но не опасно). I think that this fully applies here: nobody in Russia is particularly happy about what is taking place (except maybe the Russian General Staff IF we assume that this is all a big trap the Russians deliberately created, and there is some evidence for that as the force concentrations prior to this attack were reported by numerous observers, so it was hardly a secret that the Ukronazis were about to attack somewhere in the northeast). But we need to really keep aware of the proportions of what is happening: after six months of warfare, this is the first and only Ukrainian attack which shows some real capabilities, and it is all limited to a rather narrow corridor within the Russian tactical defenses only! As I said, these are strong tactical attacks and clashes, but the size of them does not even amount to a real “battle” or “offensive”, at least not in the military sense of the word.

Now if the Russians do not take back the initiative over this week-end, then things might seriously become alarming and we could speak of the first operational success of the Ukronazis and their Neocon masters.

Could that happen? Yes, absolutely.

Should we assume it will? No, this is too soon to come to such a conclusion.

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Why can't you write in a straightforward way, so that people can actually understand what on earth your points are?

I read the above rant by you - and I still don't know what on earth you were trying to say.

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Intel Slava Z

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Kupyansk is partially abandoned, the right bank under the Nazis. Our army goes beyond the Oskol River to take up defense there. I support this decision.

Yesterday Vladlen Tatarsky said in his evening edition that this decision would be the most correct from the point of view of military art. To maintain a foothold on the right bank, in the face of overwhelming numerical superiority of the enemy at any cost, introducing reserves in a dosed way, I consider it pointless. We do not have as many lives of soldiers, unlike the Nazis. It's a tough decision, but overall I think it's the right one. Now the task is to competently withdraw the troops across the river, gain a foothold and prevent the Izyum group from being surrounded. Once again, take off your rose-colored glasses. Not only Nazi Ukraine is fighting against us. We are again at war with the collective West - the NATO military and a large number of foreign mercenaries are participating in the offensive on the Kharkov front.



Intel Slava Z

🇺🇦🇷🇺 It is reported that the enemy is conducting attacking operations in the Krasny Liman area, the city itself is under the control of the RF Armed Forces.



Intel Slava Z

🇷🇺🇺🇦 1. At night, the RF Armed Forces withdrew behind Oskol in Kupyansk (yesterday the bridge across the river was badly damaged) and the enemy began to occupy the western part of Kupyansk in the morning. The RF Armed Forces were in the eastern part of the city in the morning.

2. The enemy continued to attack in the Izyum direction, trying to go directly to Izyum. As of yesterday evening, the front was 5-10 km from the city. The enemy DRG moving along Oskol sought to reach Gorokhovatka and further to Oskol.

3. Krasny Liman began to be subjected to artillery strikes in the morning, and in the morning an attack began on the positions of the RF Armed Forces in the area of ​​Krasny Liman from the area of ​​the Old Caravan. The goal of the enemy is to capture the Krasny Liman and further attack on Oskol, in order to cut off the Izyum grouping. In the event of the loss of Krasny Liman, the question of the need to withdraw the entire Izyum group may rise to its full height. However, the issue of the withdrawal of troops is already on the agenda, since there is not an illusory threat of encirclement near Izyum.

4. Regarding Balakleya, the enemy posted confirming photographs of control from the northern part of the warehouses. The capture of Balakleya has not yet been announced.

In general, the operational crisis after the enemy breakthrough near Balakleya continues to develop. The command has not yet succeeded in stabilizing the front.



Intel Slava Z

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Today and the next few days we will not receive the most joyful news, and crests will dump gigabytes of photos and videos from the settlements we left behind. Kupyansk has been abandoned and, in fact, we cannot hold out on the right bank of the Oskol River now. I will say this, the decision to withdraw our troops is a military necessity that has prevailed over political expediency, and we must pay tribute to the fact that he who gave the order to withdraw showed courage.

The overslept counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Balakley-Izyum sector, the state of the troops in this area, the lies in the reports to the top, let those who are supposed to deal with all this. I repeat, in the current conditions, an organized withdrawal is the only right decision. And thank God that despite serious territorial losses, our losses in personnel are very small, especially considering the scope of the operation.

In our history, there were the most difficult defeats, after some we became stronger and repaid the enemy a hundredfold, after others, the country itself slipped into disaster. The main thing now is to understand that the Izyum-Balakley battle is Narva, and not Tsushima or Mukden. No need to sprinkle ashes on your head, look for traitors and build conspiracy theories. Such searches lead to a false path, which not only does not correct mistakes, but also aggravates them. We must calmly analyze what happened and realize that there is a difficult war with a strong enemy.



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What I question is VVPs grip on reality. Lincoln knew the WBTS was going bad early on. It took strenuous effort to right the course and eventually the N won - an awful awful war. If he was deluded everything was ok? Disaster.

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Well it was 20 months from Barbarossa to Stalingrad. Is Russia gonna do that again? If so, strap yourselves in, boys, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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The war between the Biden crime syndicate and Russia has taken another turn. When people in Germany begin freezing to death, NATO might decide to partition Ukraine. On the other hand, Truman refused to fight an all-out war against North Korea (just as LBJ refused to fight North Vietnam) because they feared China would send troops in support of its allies. If China shows its hand and supports Russia, the New World Order will crash and burn.

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Well you've given me a very convincing argument. Though perhaps not in the way you intended...

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