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When the twin towers event forced me to finally accept that nearly all of accepted history is a lie, I began to research all conspiracy theory topics. I have researched /had conversations with people about JFK, moon landings, holocaust, viruses, wars and much more. I asked others to consider that they might have been deceived. Very few have questioned their beliefs and even less have concluded that they have been deceived. The few that understand the extent of the deceit do not have any idea of what to do now any more than I do. The sophistication and intensity of the deceit causes continual fear in the lives of slaves choosing to obey the government or experts as their best chance for survival. A single person supposedly can change the world, but show me where this is actually true. Gandhi, for example is not evidence for this. Revolutions are theater for profit, killing people and exchanging puppets for the hidden masters. At 74, I am now at the point that I am not able to seriously imagine a future where enough criminals are held to account to change this situation. I do not expect a religious solution, and there are too many people in positions of power that are following orders. I now tend to ignore the news and spend my time on daily routines and enjoying the seasons. I find this website to be one of very few to be worthy of my time, with the stimulating and enlightening viewpoints making sense to me in an entertaining fashion. I wonder how honest, reasoning and considerate people can overcome ruthless killers when killing is to be avoided by considerate people? The goal of many Lawyers/Judges now is to make money, not to enforce laws. The same is true of many Doctors. It appears that all politicians are criminals, for the most part. I believe that it has been like this since there have people on this planet. A greedy person will find a way to enlist others in his quest for power over the rest.

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"But how does such an article gain so much traction and go viral in the first place?" It's because of what the article was about, a hero. As a rule folks are looking for heroes, have been for a long, long time, look at Gilgamesh or the Iliad, probably before that our ancestors probably sat in caves and told of great hunters that used to be in our clans. Movie's, books, they're all about heroes. We're conditioned to wait for a hero to fix things. It's too much to expect folks to accept there aren't any fuckin heroes, the most you can hope for is that ordinary men will do heroic things, this is all that really happens in life. In the same sense that whoever is runnin this shit show is trying to sell us heroes, it appears to me they're offering us up villains too, this Schwab character with his little rat faced side kick Harari, seem to conspicuously fit the archetypal villain, keeps us from seeing the real villains, it all seems like theater. We must find the truth. You probably should've gave Icke a shoutout for calling bullshit on that fore mentioned piece right off the rip.

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Thanks for your persistence in the face of scum like ritter, martyanov, etc. you are a Titan!

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I am a recent subscriber mainly because I have doubts about what is going on. I don't read any of the substacks or mainstream media about Putin etc., though I do see headlines in news aggregators and skim when there is a big new development. For example, didn't read any of the stuff you mentioned above. And I have yet to read a full article on what just happened in Israel. I assume generally that everything I read on an internet screen is either a lie, disinformation/psyop or sincerely confused. I assume that of all your material as well in terms of any news/current affairs aspect. In other words, I try not to accept anything I read at face value. Even 'facts', since hardly any facts can I really track down. I can check a document as you did - kudos - but truth is I rarely do.

That said, I did read through the recent Declarations from BRICS and WEF and UN prompted by Edward S, and I found N.S. Lyons' substack China Convergence Article very persuasive, though with a few clear biases (IMO), but I have a hard time believing that all these many meetings with BRICS+ and SCO and Saudi-Iranian rapprochement, and Russia surviving the sanctions (if there are any, I wouldn't know) and so forth, that all these things, especially the partnership between China and Russia, is just elaborate kayfabe. It seems to me that the world is shifting, that the US is losing credibility and clout, that Europe is lost, that some sort of war is being waged against Western civilization almost certainly by the same bad actors who took down Russia and I assume they are also in cahoots with China and Russia on some level but that is just total speculation on my part.

Which means I am assuming that along with fake news there is some real news. I don't pretend to be able to tell for sure which is which. And one of the schlusselpunkt issues for me right now is Putin. Because on the one hand it seems to me - admittedly from afar with limited perspective other than reading his speeches - that he is a very accomplished and significant world statesman such as hasn't been seen in many generations. I was on board the multipolarity train for many years, but not since that whole covid business which made me feel, even though it contradicts what I just said about Putin, that there is some sort of globalist network spanning all the various nations and blocs which is moving us to some sort of One World Governance something-or-other. Simple example: US funds were involved in a gain-of-function lab near Wuhan; a Chinese technician was caught taking restricted viruses from a Canadian lab (which he probably didn't steal but was permitted to take), and also similar shenanigans with labs in North Carolina. So I don't think terms like 'China' 'USA' and 'Russia' are always as meaningful as they seem to the man in the street. There is already a technocratic para-nation-state world order in effect but it is rarely featured in any analysis.

In any case, have yet to read anything in plain, factual language which explains what is going on - it's all mainly 'nod, nod, wink, wink' inuendo. Are Russia and the US at odds with some sort of geopolitical tectonic shift happening or is there secret collusion making all that a deception? That's as simple a way as any to express the conundrum. I am open to any answer though suspect that both may well be true; national polities are not monoliths and many conflicting things are often going on at once.

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'The peasants are extremely dumb and so the dumber and more implausible the story, the more it resonates with their warped, childlike view of reality.'

How smart does a peasant really need to be?

The problem here isn't the peasants.

They exist to (a) receive direction from their 'betters' and (b) to be fleeced regularly to keep them huddling together for warmth.

They're not called 'sheeple' for nothing.

Still, though, I don't think QAnon or ZAnon is purely a function of 'dumb'. Lots of 'smart' people believe all kinds of ridiculous stuff (from one perspective or another).

'White/Black hat' QAnon/ZAnon exists because the rulers of the peasants have turned on them. Hate them and seek not to merely fleece them, but to hobble and flog them routinely as well.

QAnon/ZAnon are not merely symptoms of 'dumb'.

They're symptoms of 'desperate'.

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Well, first some Swift to set the zeitgeist:


... as the vilest Writer has his Readers, so the greatest Liar has his Believers; and it often happens, that if a Lie be believ’d only for an Hour, it has done its Work, and there is no farther occasion for it.

Falsehood flies, and the Truth comes limping after it; so that when Men come to be undeceiv’d, it is too late; the Jest is over, and the Tale has had its Effect.


And of course people are dumb.

It's actually hard to fully grasp the cognitive shortcomings of the median adult.

They're about as dumb as a middle-of-the-pack 10th-grader - the kids who used to get streamed into the "Veggie Maths" (Maths B) stream.

Anyhow... yes, they're dumb.

They want informational gavage.

It simply never occurs to them to go to the source and do CTRL-F.

That said: when the dickheads who run that clickbaity piece of shit website (which is worse then ZeroHedge) have been called on this sort of shit before, they just ignore it.

They're using a variation on the "Peter Teeley" approach - to paraphrase:


if you get ten thousand sets of eyes on a story, and then 20 people read the comment that says the story is bullshit, you're 9,980 in front.


Teeley was George HW Bush's press secretary: he was asked if it mattered if George HW Bush lied in a TV debate.

Here's what he said - as reported in the New York Times of Nov 1, 1984:


”You can say anything you want during a debate and 80 million people hear it,” observed Peter Teeley, press secretary to Vice President Bush. If reporters then document that a candidate spoke untruthfully, ”so what?”

”Maybe 200 people read it or 2,000 or 20,000,” he said.



That's almost 40 years ago (38 years 11 months and 9 days).

Teeley was being quite straightforward - no attempt to sugar-coat it; no pretence.

Anyone who believes the media is, therefore, a fuckwit.

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I don't combine politics with the supernatural. It tends to stupefy the former and sully the reputation of the latter.

If you want to effect a viable political program, you need to stop thinking in terms of 'spiritual' and 'Antichrist'.

Very clever people use these kinds of ideas to manipulate the peasants, not to help them.

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Here's an interesting comment regarding Putin from Mefobills at Unz:

utin has decided to organize the resurgence of Russia under the banner of three things:

1) The Great Patriotic War 2) Orthodoxy 3) Athletics.

To push the Great Patriotic War as a collective device, Putin has had to engage in lies. This may be realpolitik, but it is now redounding negatively as all lies do.

Putin has admitted that the Bolsheviks were Jews, it is thus only a hop and a skip to explain to the Russian people that a predatory minority took over, and exposed Russian Slavic goys to horrors. Realpolitik answer to the Great War Sacrifice, is aimed at Russians who are alive now. Today's Russians, have living memory of the war. Today's Russian goys would not accept that their Great Patriotic War sacrifices was based on lies. So, enter Nazis and Fascism as boogey men, as spooks to cudgel the Russian Goy population.

Hitler should never have moved East, his desire for farmland was a function of the German starvation in the hyperinflation. The German farming class was put into international debts during the inflation. Germany even exported Ukraine black lands by rail, back to Germany, to then enhance German farm productivity.

Putin's lies have created a perverse situation in Ukraine, where there are Azov Nazis working hand in glove with Jewish world finance and Oligarchy. But, Putin cannot point the obvious to Russian normies, and instead has to keep up the rallying cry about Fascism and Nazism. The Great Patriotic War! Your sacrifices were not in vain!

But what about those Kosher Nazis in Ukraine? Then deafening silence.

Real Italian fascists and NSDAP Nazis were in open rebellion against international finance capitalist corporatocracy. NSDAP especially was trying to shake off its international parasites.

The reality is that both Mussolini and Hitler were attempting to rebalance their civilizations against the predatory takeover attempts of international finance capital. International finance capital wants to debt spread its finance instruments, and to own the world.

Mussolini nationalized Italian banks in 1926. Hitler used the German Bill System starting in 1933 (Oeffa and Mefo Bills) to escape from international capital control. Sovereign Banks (Italy) and Sovereign Money (Germany) were a huge threat to the Jewish Demiurge. Stalin played footsies with the Atlantacist/Allies, especially because by 1933, the Jewish Bolshevik Triumvirate system was in control of Russia.

Today, the Atlantacist west has made Russian athletics illegal. The Orthodox Church was split, especially in Ukraine. Ukraine now has had black-rock international debts attached to it. In future, Ukraine black farm lands will transfer to black-rock and other creditors, to then satisfy money debts. Money debts grow exponentially and are satisfied by an unlike kind – usually a transfer of real assets such as land. This is exactly how Weimar Germany found itself prostrate, as up to 1/3 of the German lands and patrimony had transferred to the international creditor.. The German people found themselves dispossessed of their own country, dispossessed of their history, and were in population collapse just as Ukraine is now.

Finance Capital attempted a takeover of Italy and Germany by the 1920's. Industrial capital and finance capital were at war with each other from late 1800's to early 1900's. Finance Capital did ultimately win the takeover. A corporatocracy system installed in England by 1694. The U.S. succumbed in 1912. Finance Capital did fund the Bolsheviks and installed pyramid system to loot Russia around the same time.

Putin probably knows everything I just said above, only Russian normies are not ready to accept it. They haven’t healed yet from the Great war, and the predatory 90’s.

Hitler Bad, Fascism Bad, Nazi Bad. Boo Hiss. Jew is a special god's creature and perpetual victim. A normie Russian is programmed to think the same way on this subject as does a normie American.

Putin’s final act should be to nationalize the Russian Central Bank. Russian Bank is still being managed by people sympathetic to finance international, such as Nabiullina – who allowed the bank to be looted.

If Putin doesn’t use his popularity to introduce a constitutional kingdom (Tsar held to constitutional norms) and with Orthodox church in a symphony of church and state, then all of his present days actions may be for naught. The Church's rightful role is as a moral brake on the Tsar. Putinism cannot stand the test of time as it has internal contradictions.

Putinism, is predicated on a lie, even if it is realpolitik, and the lie was probably necessary to recover from the 90s. Lies eventually get found out, and Putin cannot escape his Great War Good, Nazi bad big lie. The next real Tsar can afford to tell the truth.

Nazi and Fascism will continue to be bandied about as spooks held in the brains of normies and expressed by the commentariat on RT; there is no escaping normies. They regurgitate what they are told. They believe things that are easily contradicted, yet they cling to their shibboleths. Again, virtually all populations are dominated by normies, who cannot critically think, and want to be told what to do.

The right side of the bell curve is where I aim my comments, only a few will be able to understand me, or draw relevant conclusions. Obviously, democracy cannot work given the normie situation of all populations.

Putinism requires a voting population – a weakness given that most voters are normies, and hence they are easily duped and controlled. Get your Covid shot! Boo and Hiss at the Nazis! Don’t notice that the Ukraine Nazis are Kosher! Vote this way

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Rolo could you please record a solo podcast ( maybe a series) where you would describe different gnostic teachings, even obscure ones( sethhians, ebionites etc). i think those teachings hold the key to understanding the simulcar we live in.

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Every body wants a saviour , but maybe the enemy of my enemy is not my friend but is also an arsehole , just like my enemy. I don't see any heroes out there . No body is coming to rescue us.

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Awww, no WWIII against the techno-Satanists? I guess that means this story is true then: https://www.coindesk.com/policy/2023/07/24/putin-signed-digital-ruble-law-making-a-cbdc-possible-in-russia/ ... Putin greenlighting the creation of Russia's slave-coin, just like the rest of the global freedom democracies.

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The thing that hurts the most about this, is seeing that Gateway Pundit, Henry Makow and SOTT got sucked into the madness. Real Raw News has a disclaimer on their 'about' page, clearly stating that they write satire. The rest of these supposedly reputable sources have got no excuse.

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Ah yes, Real Raw News, that so reliable news source which reported the execution of Hilary and her chums many months ago. Always good for a laugh.

In the post-truth post-modern world the fact that you may be like some of these guys


obviously disqualifies you from becoming a Russian citizen, whereas, according to RWA, Aussie Cossack has just received Russian citizenship! When the state is run by enemies of the people, the real people are treated as 'enemies of the people' by the people descended from Abraham or Genghis Khan or Shaka Zulu. It's now the same in all previously white countries.

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This weekend with HAMAS put things in perspective.

Ukraine - or what's left of it - really is going to be the Second Israel.

They're taking back the Pale.

Ukraine will be the Bolthole, the Backup plan.

This makes perfect Necon logic sense, and they may be correct that Israel won't hold [as many Israelis actually think and say privately].

Once you enter the Neocon logic world, a backup Israel makes sense.

Analysis isn't Advocacy.

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I made the 100th like.

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> One day, a significant chunk of people will realize that they have been fooled.

Eh. One day people will adopt narratives from here as their own and act like they were right along. Or more accurately, a hybrid of the truth and lies that have not sufficiently collapsed. It will be the same as covid; the same as, frankly, everything. Otherwise, great stuff.

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