It is depressing to realise that we , the peasants , will never know what happened, each one will have to decide through the lense of their personal bias.

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Random chance vs just business

Ooooooooooooooohhh, it's a toughie alright.

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Only those who ordered and planted the bomb know what happened , everybody else will have to make assumptions, hold beliefs and opinions , based on evidence , their views and biases.

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Putin ha previous and LOTS of it. Chances are....


It has long been noticed that those who interfere with Putin somehow die too quickly and suddenly. Suspicions arise that the point here is not so much in the vicissitudes of fate, but in well-organized contract killings. Just a list of those who interfered with Putin and suddenly died would take up an entire post. But... suspicions are not evidence. However, there are also such murders in which Putin's guilt is quite legally provable. They will be discussed.

But first, a background story, thanks to which the background of events becomes clear, and why "kill" is the very first thing that comes to Putin's mind. Based on these events, perhaps you can make a good thriller.

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Aug 24, 2023Liked by Rurik Skywalker

"Life is just a series of coincidences I suppose. Except when it’s time to talk Marxism. Then, everything can be understood as logical cause and effect and hegelian dialectic and historical materialism, etc."

Agree: in politics and war NOTHING happens by accident. One can quibble over which historical forces are driving people at any particular moment, but at that same particular moment, there are people driving the history.

To get a full picture, we must account for all the players in the game, but many prefer to remain incognito. We live in a chess game where half the pieces are invisible, so that the actions of the anonymous appear to "just happen". Nothing "just happens", nothing is "grass roots": those labels just mask ignorance.

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Stopping short of actions on the objective will only get you dead. Either go all the way or not at all.

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Exactly. It's a deadly game, and once you start playing, you must play to the end.

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I don't know whether Gonzalo Lira or Yevgeny Prigozhin was dumber, in picking a political fight with a dangerously more powerful opponent. Lira should have shut up and got out when the getting was good, and Prigozhin should have at some point read a biography of George Patton, just to get an idea of what happens to military dissenters. when they get too uppity.

Prigozhin set his own wheel of doom in motion with his loud criticism of the support from the MOD in Bakmut. Everything played out like clockwork after that.

Whatever the motive, if you're gonna yell that loud, you should think about the next move. That was the MOD taking Wagner from Prigozhin. Regardless of what anyone might think of MOD policies, MOD couldn't just stand by while P's was undermining the MOD's strategy in Ukraine.

MOD made the obvious move to consolidate Wagner. At that point, Progozhinwas lost politically, and his "rebellion" was at best a desparate cris-de-cour that whimpered out instead of flared up.

But now P was getting more dangerous. On the one hand, MOD couldn't stand by until the next time that P felt inspired to march on Moscow, but he was too popular to eliminate summarily.

So MOD first had to subvert P's support among patriots, by eliminating leadership, First, put P on ice by sending him to "exile" in Belorus and Africa where he stay active but where his official power was limited for the time being.

Before P had time to rebuild his base, back in the RF, MOD was taking steps to undercut the opposition by going after its leadership, removing public intellectual Strelkov and high-level military sympathizers like Surovikin and Popov from positions of influence. (It would be unlikely that MOD did NOT have political informants in the ranks.)

At this point, the MOD had set the stage for removal. Prigozhin wasn't becoming any more reticent, and more likely to regrow into an even larger thorn. Time to fix the problem. A nebulous military attack is just the ticket, to cast a fog over the assassination just thick enough to make assassination deniable, but suggestive enough to send a warning.

Well-played, MOD.

Look up Seth Rich, Vince Foster, John Ashe, or "Clintoncide" in general, for multiple examples from other countries.

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I'm just assuming some oligarch whose name isn't in the news was responsible for this. I doubt it has anything to do with Putin, Shiogu, Strelkov, Dugin, Dark Brandon, or anyone I forgot to name.

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The funerals will be interesting.

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Putin has already provided something of a heartfelt eulogy...

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You think he'll be at his funeral?

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The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has an interesting analysis: https://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/russian-offensive-campaign-assessment-august-23-2023

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“Me, I’m not Ben, but I go wherever the wind blows and I have no convictions other than figuring out what is popular to believe in and believing in it louder than everyone else like every moral person ought to be doing as well.” Doubleplus awesome.

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You're not based in Russia /Moscow now are you Rollo? Not sure when you last set foot on Russian soil. But I for my sanity like to think there are enough old guard patriots in the population to prevent the civil war you speak of even though I can see totally how it is going there especially using outside actors and inside actors which the US is great at doing.

The problem is everywhere Is going to collapse. It's about being able to stand and fight or go somewhere like Zanzibar where you'll be left alone for now.

But yeah when Putin is out fo the picture in probably with 10 year-15 tops there will be anothe visible power struggle, but what state will the West be in then itself? To further illustrate my argument these interviews on this YouTube channel paint a true picture of the West through a Russian lens:


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Was it Rolo published the piece that ridiculed the idea of 400,000 dead Kiev Ukrainians?

Someone did. I want to find it so's I can provide links to it.

Anyone know?

They convincingly pointed out that such a huge amount of deaths would mean three times as many injured. Okay. And then most tellingly pointed out this would mean an enormous number of amputations and this wouldn't go undetected, unnoticed, unremarked.

He made a convincing argument.

I think it was either Rolo or Driezen or Simplicius but I can't find it amongst any of them in my records.... Please help.... :)

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Yes I’ve mocked such nonsense before. The big names were saying half a million dead UAF in winter.

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so was it a thing of yours I saw sometime in the last month, maybe two weeks? if so where? and what would the real figures perhaps be?

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