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Great piece.

"The Russian Deep State is a community of near-state elites that operate independently of the political leadership of the state and have close ties and their own agenda. These elites work for different masters: some for the existing government, some for those who have been on the run for a long time, but, thanks to their connections, even after the flight of the elders, they remain in their places."

Effectively, the "Russian" Deep State is the same as all of the other instances of the Deep State. Ultimately (and most likely), they're the same people.

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I continue to keep an eye on that neocon group in DC (the Kagans, including the lovely Kateryna Stepanenko) - so you don't have to.

They spend a lot of effort tracking Prigozhin and have just recently reported this shift.

"Wagner Group financier Yevgeny Prigozhin is seemingly regaining some favor with Russian President Vladimir Putin, likely as a result of the Russian conventional military’s inability to accomplish the tasks Putin had set for it during the winter offensive in Donbas. "


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Rolo I posted this in a reply to you today on the last thread but you probably missed it while preparing this post.


If thats its an accurate post than Wagner will be poaching active duty Army officers soon. Between the better pay and just getting to transfer from a poorly run organisation run by traitors to a good one ran by a mix of patriots and based cut throats Wagners post Bakhmut prospects arent that grim. They are even getting T-90s now.

I cant imagine what kind of compromise may have happened to make that possible. Would you consider it possible that just maybe Putin is taking out an insurance policy? Theres no way MoD would have agreed to let Wagner poach active duty Officers and agree to give them T-90s. The faggots at MoD either had to get something in return, or some people loyal to Putin and not totally retards convinced the Tsar he needs to leave the liberals a gift should they pull off a successful coup. The gift being Wagner with T-90s and Russias most competent and ambitious in a good way young officers are now all in with Prigozhin aka the black clown according to Strelkov. Like someone is ensuring that should the worst case scenario come to pass the liberals will be sol when it comes to hard military power. And like Prigozhin said if Zog wants to invade Russia for real they wont have much a chance. Its gotta be a coup followed by a break up of the Federation conducted by a puppet Government.

Strelkov calls Prigozhin the black clown as an insult but anyone familiar with the recent Joker movie and Nolans less recent take can easily appreciate that name in a totally different light.

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If it makes you feel any better, what is happening in Russia happens in almost every country with the exception of China, Iran, N Korea, some of Africa & Afghanistan.

Case in point: India. The popular Modi government is upset that the Indian Supreme Court is set to legalize anal marriage. The court has seemingly decided that anal marriage is just who Indians are as a people. It doesn't matter that the people don't want it just like it didn't matter in Taiwan that 70% voted against it. Their supreme court also ruled that anal marriage was who Taiwanese are as a people.

Most of the elite worldwide (and almost anyone with a high level position who has a college education) believe nearly the same things and are more comfortable with each other than those bigots who make up the majority of the planet.

China was faced with this but were smart enough to clamp down before it became a problem (see the Adventures of Jack Ma).

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Awesome piece, Rolo. It certainly is good news. Prigozhin has a brass pair and must have some form of protection to be so honest in speaking out.

Why the Anglo-Saxon hate though? Let me know who in the Biden White House or his puppetmasters are actual Anglo-Saxons. The British aren't run by Anglo-Saxons either for that matter. It's just downright racist, damn it.

I hope Prigozhin keeps talking and DOING. Wagner is impressive and I pray they keep making overtures to Western dissidents. Between the tranny windup toys and things like the Bud Light imbroglio, people are getting pissed. I live in an absolute liberal shithole (yeah I'm mercenary and riding it out until my pension) and there's a decided shift in attitude, at least amongst whites. Sad that it took converging the absolute shittiest beer but whatever, I'll take it. This ties into Ukraine in that more people complain about the expense of it. Maybe it's just confirmation bias but it feels like opportunity may knock soon.

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Amazing piece

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Rolo is the only non-retarded analyst writing about this war. Everyone on the alt-right from UNZ onward are basically clueless boomers living in fantasy land.

I’ve basically stopped reading alt news because the takes on this war are so shitty. Sure all those sites thrived during Coronavirus- when all they had to do was oppose lockdowns. But they fucking suck when it comes to analyzing anything more complex.

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The Ukraine mess proves:

"procrastination is the thief of time.” And as a side note, never trust any statistics associated with the scamdemic or imperialist wars.

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As always you said it all and then some. I'd write more but I'm in a public place and an asshole atavistic throw back is arguing with the "coal burner" he sired kids with. Playing shitty rap music. You wouldn't happen to have a flame thrower I could borrow? Kidding. Not really. Stay strong keep writing.

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Hi Rolo, another very solid post, thank you.

I'm not generally one to plug my own Substack on other's blogs, so apologies, but you may find today's post to be helpful re: the whole Rothschild-central-banking theory I've been mentioning:


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Thank you, Rolo.

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Quote: "They will either blame the Russian people for being sinful and invoking Yahweh’s punishment, who decided to use Kiev as his iron rod of punishment against them, or they will say that the Russian dead were needed by Yahweh in heaven as martyrs which is why He allowed them to be killed, so that Satan could, like, totally be owned."

Can you please stop blaspheming! Do you happen to know better than St. Seraphim of Sarov, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, etc? Also, can't you see that, regarding OC and the spiritual matters, you are onboard with both sovocs and Putin? E.g. both of them are against removing Lenin's embalmed corpse from the Red Square - one of the biggest murderers of OC Russians and enemies of the Orthodox Church!

P.S. If you have some questions, as in why oh why are some things done/understood that way in the OC, feel free to ask.

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Quote: " ... In the past, Prigozhin has routinely lambasted specific generals in the military, the Ministry of Defense, the chinovniks (bureaucrats), the siloviks (various spooks), and the oligarchs. That being said, he has never critiqued President Putin, which is the same strategy that I have adopted on this blog. You see the Tsar is always good, it is simply the ministers around him who are misleading him. If the Tsar knew the truth, he would set things right. Even if we rebel against the Tsar, we do it in the name of the Tsar. This you must understand … "

Q: Is there any particular reason why are you sparing the main culprit, considering that you are not in Russia? I understand why Prigozhin is doing it - he can get hurt as too well-known and influential.

That way, you are doing a big favor to Putin, plus unintentionally, misleading the public in the process. Especially the ones that do not know better - like sovocs. Many of these globalists/puppets actually do not mind anyone around them being critiqued for as long as one does not mention their name. Yes, they love that if you would believe it. E.g. case of the Western puppet ruling Serbia - patriots are called by the spooks and told "You can talk/trash anyone, just don't mentioned/criticize the president!" Why you may say? Easy, as that way, he can jump in later on and "help" by moving the accused minion elsewhere and appear as a "hero" that "listens" to the people, while nothing changes, as the boss is the cause.

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"You see the Tsar is always good, it is simply the ministers around him who are misleading him. If the Tsar knew the truth, he would set things right. Even if we rebel against the Tsar, we do it in the name of the Tsar. This you must understand …"

Yes, I've heard this before. It's just the original hidden (aka 5D) explanation idea, that allows you to maintain the illusion without your contradictions violating your mind, or the PTB's violating your body.

It's supposed to help you chill, but I can see it ain't wotking.

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