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One big key is the water molecule, which is a dipole antenna for the signal, consciousness is not the best word for the signal though. English is a mess in that regard, mind, consciousness, soul, spirit and brain mixed in.

In my view, the bio chemical process are all a by product of fields, but yes, adding toxins with food, water, air does not improve the body's field, which is about 6ft or 2m in average.

Graves are 6ft deep, and ridiculous "social distance" was same distance during plandemic.

Leads me to the next thing, "quantum", there is no such thing, it is still particle cult of "photons".

What the Kabbalists call "photon" or "quantum" is just Aether compression of the coaxial light circuit, ie light. At Aether rarefaction, you get an electro-magnetic torroidal field and illumination.

But if the system "world" are a particle cult, everything must be a particle, even if you make them up, like literally "virtual photons", could say unicorns, like in virology.

Similar, an electron is also not a particle, but one unit of dielectric induction. It is a ridiculous notion that electron particles run through a wire, yet this is taught, despite the fact the language is so clear with electric current that flows. It is as if I made a water wheel toll booth at the river, and charged anyone down the river for water throughput. Yet the lack of comprehension of this allows charging for "electricity consumption".

The so called speed of light, is really the rate of induction, and not constant, it depends on the medium, it just has a maximum induction rate though.

The "other side" is the dielectric, which make up together with the magnetic the field. The Torroid(magnetic, space) and it's inverse(negative) the Hyperboloid(dielectric, "counter space", "zero point", aether, whatever name you like). In short Donut and Hourglass shape.

The hybrid of both magnetic Torroid and dielectric Hyperboloid is Electricity. :)

Probably reason why imperial insignia usually featured an apple, which is a pretty apt representation of earth.

On to genetics, recent finds in genetics state, that all the nuclei of an organism contain each different DNA, and they rotate, which pretty much destroys the postulated/assumed stable genome. Apart form the assumption, that DNA would contain code, they never have shown any data storage mechanism, because there is none. There is no code in DNA, also no code in water, just antenna gain or loss.

The water molecule's bonding angle of 108° makes it the only dipole antenna for life. So called "connective tissue" is made of structured water, ie qualitatively different from say tap water, it is gel like, same substance as on the water surface that creates the surface tension. It has highly concentrated proteins, nucleic acids and is fat soluble.

This bonding angle can be found in the Golden triangle in mathematics, 108, 36, 36, and thus also in pentagrams.

A lot could be said how this kind of metaphysics has been perverted, forgotten, suppressed, abused and "new age" babble attempts to bury it with stinking garbage.

Concluding that consciousness isn't produced by the brain as Near Death Experience(NDE) research shows so clearly, is a taboo, a modern heresy violating multiple dogmas, but it reduces to atomism/materialism.

A helpful means to open the door is to hang out in probably sea/salt water, which means antenna gain for the body.

Look at hemoglobin(blood color), it is chemically almost identical to chlorophyll of plants, just one is iron the other magnesium based, one red, one green, but both blood bodies have no nucleus. They get energy from water, specifically iron.

It makes blood a ferro-fluid that reacts to EM fields, like clotting for example, if the body's conductivity has been altered by injection of graphene derivatives and heavy metals.

There are tons of vids on "liquid metals", "dancing metals", ferro fluids.

You can probably open the door by avoiding toxins, like chemicals, bad food and water, stress, trauma, all kind of modern EMF, and you are perfectly tuned and healthy. But wait a minute, we live in a soup of toxins all around us, hard to avoid., and we are thus off tune.

I hold the view that we degenerate as peoples and societies, deliberately poisoned, and we fell from great heights, we forgot about. Only shades of ancient glory in collective memories have survived, like the Atlantis myth. Peoples with amnesia, perhaps artificially induced over many ages. All we are left with is pieces of a big puzzle, and it seems some forces like to destroy pieces.

*Phew* I didn't intend to post this much, yet its so compressed, and just puzzle pieces I found.

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...have known about TM since 2010. Do appreciate. Smart guy. Without FAITH there is no WILL. Without Will where can FAITH begin?

Need beginner's LUCK to know the OTHER WORLD. No beginner's LUCK, then there's no chance to eventually know the OTHER SIDE. Unless someone gives you the power to see & go there (but then he or she becomes RESPONSIBLE for the beginner with no LUCK)! Alice's Mirror, LOOKING GLASS is just to the OTHER SIDE. Has nothing to do with being mystical or spiritual. New Age is a SHAM, for fakes only.

In another place; science means nothing.

TM is intelligent, & wise. Knows where one should not step. This was a very Good Interview. Thanks.

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Mystic bullshit. I hate podcasts, talk is cheap and the sound is not good.

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It is not going to be the gnosis what helps Russians or anybody else. Modern times are nothing but the triumph of the gnosis filtered by the Kabbalah, both rationalism and materialism, and liberalism or communism are offspring of the gnostic Kabbalah and the more openly satanic branch of the gnosis became the religion of the followers of the fake Messiah Jacob Frank, the Illuminati and the globalists bankers.

The doctrine of the followers of Jacob Frank was practically an exact copy of the doctrine of the Gnostic nihilist Carpocrates of the second century of our era. As Gershom Scholem points out in a book bearing the significant name of "The holiness of Sin": Both doctrines share not only the general line of thought, but some of the symbols and terms are exactly the same.

Both doctrines turned the serpent of the Garden of Eden into the symbol of Gnosis and salvation, the authentic "Divine Wisdom" that frees men from the evil empire of the Demiurge, inducing them to disobey all its laws and institutions.

This aberrant doctrine of whose satanic character there is no longer any doubt is the one professed by the architects of the French revolution, those who later incubated communism in the lodges and by the big bankers like the Rothschilds who finance the globalist puppet politicians.

Satanic gnosis is what has turned the world into the hellhole it is today and what has sparked the war in the Ukraine. The only thing that can help the Russians is the sound Christian orthodox doctrine, stopping ridiculous gnostic introspections and worshiping the Almighty God and his son Jesus Christ and not corrupt monsters deified like Stalin.

If anything exemplifies the moral and doctrinal confusion into which Russia has sunk, it is the photo of an old woman carrying a portrait of Stalin represented, in the style of orthodox religious icons, as if he were a saint.

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Hi thank you for all your stuff.

Something came up in your talk here. that was referred to in Nisargadatta Maharaj's book "I am that".

I will try find the passage. in the meanwhile paraphrased/memory:

Seeker: Why should I believe you

NM: You need some belief to just get going on this practice. After some gains you are guided by your own experience.

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This was an amazing talk and summary of mysticism. Y’all have a really good chemistry, I look forward to the next talk. Thanks for keys my brothers ✨

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Very grateful to have such a grounded and well-researched mystic as Tom to learn from. He is a guiding light in these times. Thanks a lot for having him on, and would love to get more into the nitty gritty next time

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Rolo, This is not an endorsement

This guy seems to have same interests as you

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God may use evil for a greater good, but the evil doers won't be justified, they will burn in eternal damnation.

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Rolo, it is possible to pay for the subscription via your Boosty account to read your work on Slavland Chronicles? I want to read your English blog but my russian credit card doesn't work for subscription.

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It's very simple.

Massive immigration to the West is a consequence of the creation of the state of Israel, the wars it has provoked in Muslim countries, its promotion of terrorism and totalitarian regimes throughout the world, and America's fake war against terrorism after the false flag attack on the twin towers that was the work of Zionist Mossad agents. It must be added that the majority of Israelis are Ashkenazi, that is, they are neither Jews nor Hebraic, but Khazars, a tribe that probably comes from the Siberian steppes, the region where the Soviet revolutionaries sent the dissidents.

The creation of the state of Israel was possible thanks to the support of the big Illuminati bankers such as the Rothschilds and the support of Freemasonry and both Freemasonry and the Illuminati sect are Gnostic, derived from the Kabbalah, which is nothing other than the gnosis in its Jewish version.

Freemasons are determined to rebuild the temple of Solomon (or rather that of Herod) on the esplanade of the mosques to worship in it their true god: Lucifer.

The guys that appear in the video seem to be very nice and intelligent and I agree with them in some points but they are Gnostics without really knowing what the gnosis is really about. They have a romantic and idealized image of it. Gnosis professes the absurd theory that the universe is the work of an evil god and that the serpent that is to say: the devil helps us to free ourselves from his commandments and laws. Many of its branches are antinomian, their leaders considered themselves divine or inspired beings who are above good and evil, the followers of Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank were also antinomian and defended that it is necessary to sin or practice evil to achieve a supposed and delusional redemption. They also advocated the practice of simulation and duplicity. They do not consider themselves constrained (like the Freemasons) by any moral principle, the success of Freemasonry is what has turned the world into a pestilential and infernal hole.

It is very good to carry out relaxation exercises and dedicate yourself to exploring the supernatural dimension, but it must be taken into account that this dimension is populated by beneficent and evil spirits and that without God's help, man is defenseless before the immense power of these supernatural beings. Although I am a convinced Christian I have no animosity against Buddhists, Muslims, Taoists or Confucians, but Satanism is anathema to me. And the gnosis is Satanism either openly or in disguise. Hence the current proliferation of satanic sects and the fact that the practice of witchcraft has become a legal activity.

Gnostics and cabalists seem to encourage everyone to engage in a free and personal speculation, but they encourage it as long as that speculation remains within the Gnostic paradigm, from which these guys seem not to have emerged despite their intense independent speculation and their spiritual exercises. Christianity also encourages speculation as long as it is within the Christian paradigm. The Gnostic paradigm was imposed with the triumph of the French and Soviet revolutions and unfortunately most people are already Gnostics without knowing it.

I could elaborate more regarding this complex and most important issue but I don’t want to bore you.

I take advantage of this comment to congratulate you on your analyzes of current events in Russia, which I read regularly.

Kind regards:

Jose Francisco Fernández Bullón.

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