This is one of the best things you've ever written.

The theology question is one of the most divisive issues in the dissident right. Yes, even more so than tits vs ass (tits, obviously. Tits are the substitute ass that developed following bipedalism to leverage primate sexual arousal wiring. Ass may by the OG but tits are the evolved overman's choice). Just the other day I was in a chat, chuckling as I watched yet another jihad between tradcatcs and neo-Hellenes. "Your Christian God is a semitic fraud!" "Your pagan deities are literally demons!"

All fucking nonsense, of course. If one must believe in gods - and why not, for archetypes have a reality all their own, at the very least - then the solution is quite obvious, once you've done some digging. Yes, there is one cosmic God, one Sky Father who created and rules over all, and He is not the unique property of any one people, or even any given species. But there are many levels between us and Him, and whether one calls the the beings that reside there gods or angels is a matter of semantics. Let the pagan pantheons be angels, then, for the pagans also acknowledged a supreme being after all; there, done, everyone can be happy.

Well, maybe not quite. After all, God casts a bright light, but His Shadow has a presence all its own. And the Shadow may trick you into thinking that it is God. Some may pretend to believe this, while knowingly worshipping the Shadow; others may simply be fooled. So who are they really aligned with?

By their fruits you shall know them.

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It's very refreshing to read this.

I've been of the occult mystic mindset for a while. I believe that all major faiths can theoretically offer a healthy vehicle for societal control of the masses through morality (with obvious issues that can occur, such as Semitic Inbreeding, Muslim Apathy, Christian Judeophilia/Plan-Trusting or Buddhist Contentment), but that the few who really achieve great, and authentic, spiritual heights achieve it through mysticism and ascending past mere legalisms and lesser truths.

The ability to thread together the past with the present and the future is the most liberating: there are Jupiterian/Zeusian/Yahweian, Xenos & "Satanic" forces that want to actively suppress, oppress and mutate people. There is also a perennial push for those individuals and the communities that produce, form around, and are formed by them that strive to achieve greatness and enlightenment in the face of debased slavery and apathy.

The issue of course is, as you said, the lack of clarity in so many metaphysical thoughts. They end up getting tricked into 5D plans because their own nature is acceptance of a trick rather than healthy, positive rebelliousness (vs. the destructive "rebelliousness" of the Shitlib which sees its personal or communal ruination). One can't easily communicate with them without insulting their core beliefs either. They are friends against the evil forces, but their own delusions end up keeping them enslaved. Worse yet when they come for you or fear you are dragging them to Hell.

My Mother can't square her love of Jews (and occult Kaballic Christianity) with the "insanity" of Liberal Jews. This is a metaphysical issue.

Anyhow, I just want you to know I think of you as a kindred spirit, and one who actually chose the path of putting pen to paper. Your clarity is a joy.

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Well, where does that leave us, in regards to mortal leaders vs. gods? A believer in the goodness of the One True God has little problem believing that Putin was sent by Him to save us. However the Gnostic Christians would suggest that Putin is just another corrupted agent of the Demiurge. Me, I just think DNA is God. Which is cool when on mushrooms, but when back on earth, is basically a knife fight.

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This is a great essay. It says so many of the things I see and does so better than I could myself. Thank you, Rolo.

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Thank you! Your perspective gives me more reason to think we're going to escape the meme pathogens (chains) that were placed on us millennia ago.

If you haven't had the pleasure of reading Prometheus Rising, by Jason Köhne, please let me know and I'll buy it for you if you like. I sense that you two share a kindred biospirit.

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That was an extremely entertaining essay and I especially enjoyed the cartoons. It would be fun to engage in an open-ended discussion of morality and gods. As a contented foreskin-free American, I would be baffled how to keep the end of my penis clean with all that meat hanging from it. I suppose Google will explain it to the remnant of humanity if the current war does not drop us all back in the stone age.

Regardless of which creation myth satisfies an individual, our current conception of morality is not limited to rules about sex. Murder and theft are also condemned, as far as I know, by all religions. Free will and the eternal battle between mankind's better self and his shadow conveniently replace Jesus and Satan in my mind.

ROLLING STONE, the once-excellent newspaper that replaced Hollywood scandal sheets for rock-starved boomers, has morphed into another leftist screed denouncing the "panic" experienced by conservatives following the Grammy presentation by Sam Smith. Indeed, we are seeing a sea change in moral values in the West (or, as I like to call it, the Upside Down). Perversion, pedophilia, mindless violence, and the hatred of decency and our traditional values have become the dominant trends in the USA.

Likely, it will lead to a swing of the pendulum and a revival of Christianity or possibly even introspection and spirituality of some sort.

It is interesting to observe how the ranks of professing Christians in the West have been divided on the issue of defending the fascist money-laundering government of Ukraine.

Even if God is Universal Energy, it must be laughing and crying at the same time. I wonder if it will be tuning in to #FJB's nonsense this evening or watching NetFlix.

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I've read Castaneda's work at a very formative point in my life and it influenced me quite a bit.

The gift of the predator's mind is a brilliant strategic move.Brilliant ofcourse from the point of view of a battle strategist,not the point of view of the person suffering it.

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I already made up my mind. Jesus was a rebel against hierarchy, all of them. He died alone. All you stupid bastards are is fighting for control of the hierarchy.

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Excellent arguments for shamanistic religion.

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Rolo, check this out: https://twitter.com/RWApodcast/status/1623052010575773697

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