Interesting you use the adjective 'Slavic' instead of 'Russian' when it comes to the insatiable desire to kill the unborn en masse. As poetically spoken as it is true. For that reason, I was wondering a couple years ago if Poland would get away with its extra abortion restrictions because in a sense, they were maybe too restrictive: not the policy itself, but the whole 'tug of war, push here concede there' approach. And god damn, did the West and EU try to make them out as evil, grasping for straws at everything they could. There was a lot of shrieking. But while a bunch of Polish women are still butthurt they can't be as infanticidal as women in other countries - unless they go to Czech, where unfortunately they enjoy helping Polish women kill their children - the government seems to have survived that challenge and the infanticidal women have lost, for now. I know things are too estranged right now for those two countries to emulate each other in any way - perhaps permanently so - but I hope something like that happens in Russia so that the beautiful Russian people remain in this world.

Getting rid of abortion hasn't changed the birth rates that much, however. It's a good first step, but there's a deeper psychological cause to all this. The inability to have solid traditional gender relations is one of them but Poland is not a woke hellhole like the West, a lot of people remain quite traditional. Church-based marriage counseling, for instance, is more common now. Gotta love a bit more tradition in that domain, to strengthen the seriousness and sanctity of marriage including for women. And yet the birth rate still remains low. It could be materialism, I don't know. Or simple ideological lobotomization. The root cause, though, may be deeper than policy can venture.

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i think Russian low birthrates is still a cause of the soviet experiment, they first tested feminism and'free love' in USSR. But later rejected it because they saw the havoc it would play on their society. However they saw they could use it as a perfect weapon to weakend and destroy the west. Also family structures has a big part in woman having to get married and getting kids, usually the families will pressure a couple and mainly the woman to have kids. As the family unit and the church is weakened woman feel more liberated and are less likely to have children. The west is basicly becoming post ww1 Berlin, and i say we even have gone past that in terms of degeneracy nowadays. As a straight white man you really have to opt out of the system as to keep a sane and healthy mind in the west.

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Some things are great in homogenic setting and destructive in multicultural/multiethnic

Slavs were doing well with one free sex day in year as a proven fertile woman was much more valuable than a virgin. And nobody had any problem in adopting or helping and raising the same blood but not directly own blood if it was considered own family and a wider close community. They considered themselves unity not a competing individuals taking advantage of each other.

family structure very much structures your civilization type and political system

and Slavic democracy works only if the community if properly fortified and homogeneous - isolated and defined naturally by nothing else competing around, boiling old bones and fresh meat providing one consistent vital healthy bullion

even neighbours of most of particular Slavic groups were usually different varying types of other slavic groups, that's why our language was so similar between Slavs and so extremely difficult to learn by others

now it a completely different situation

now old adventages become lethal burdens

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Mar 22, 2023Liked by Rurik Skywalker

Ahh yes we aren't traitors who were trying the best we could we could to push Donbass back into Ukraine kicking screaming so we could get back to business as usual despite all the obvious signs the West wanted war, we are just naive angels to good for the dirty politics of this cruel world.

Strelkov made a direct appeal to Putin a day or 2 ago to get his sh1t together that covers the same basic points Rolo makes here:


He makes a point Ive brought up a few times as well, if Putin cleans house and starts acting as a real wartime leader even people who have no love for Putin will support him anyway. Strelkov counts himself as amongst those who dont even like Putin but he knows the alternative is worse. The alternative being Putin is the next Khaddafi and Russia becoming a radioactive ruin. He says we dont want to see you (VP) surrounded by your friends from the lake but talented people who have the ability to start managing the situation at the front and in the rear. Should Putin do that he wont just have the support of the Chinese but the Russian people.

Strelkovs appeal there is a direct refutation of the 5d claim that he is a bitter hater who just can't bare to see Putin succeeding. His mentioning Chinese support raises another question that doesn't get enough consideration. If we just accept at face value that the Chinese are also fishing for a reliable allie to oppose Western Zog hegemony than they dont have one in Moscow. That is Putins Judo and fishing buddies are if anything obstacles to more generous Chinese support because the Chinese would be well aware that they are more or less pro Western on top of incompetent.

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Mar 22, 2023·edited Mar 22, 2023

Ukraine marked a turning point. Up until the olympics in Sochi in the winter of 2013-4, Putin's appeared to be have been hoping to integrate Russia with the West, on an equal partnership basis, holding out he carrot of cheap energy to European economies. The Nordstream 1 and 2 projects were flagship examples of this. Despite continued hostility of western elites and their media (especially regarding that flagship Olympic gathering), developments in 2014 (including the halt of Southstream) put an end to any such hopes.

Putin was aware that he was dealing with shady characters all along, as his 2007 speech at Munich indicated. But up to 2014, he had been courting the Clintons in the west, perhaps with the hope that with their Foundation, they and their associates could bring the west's important oligarchs to the table. But the "friends of Bill" weren't the important parties; Bill was just another one of "friends of Jeffrey", whose bosses were the actual PTB's. These parties actually running the show did reveal their intent by lock-step hostility of media reporting, but otherwise acted through behind-the-scenes agents like Nuland and like minded WEF "young global leaders", who by 2013 were openly admitting that Ukraine as a "prize" to be seized.

Up to this time Putin and many others vastly underestimated the thirst for power of the WEF/EU elites, not realizing that this thirst overrode even normal oligarchic greed. It's hard for many to accept that even policies obviously destructive to Europe and America, especially regarding energy and immigration, would be brought into the service of extending this control. On multiple occasions, Putin pointed out that the west, especially its media, was promoting self-destructive behavior, but it took him longer to realize that they really didn't care.

It's apparent now that the west has gone entirely mad, and that its ruling elites are crushing its entire culture. Upon encountering madmen, it takes time to make the massive psychological adjustments necessary just to accept the the horror you're actually up against. Even after this realization, expectations have to be remanaged, and strategies re-adjusted.

So much for mind-reading. However, whether Putin could have gone into Ukraine and seized it as easily as Strelkov and others claim, and more importantly, how well repercussions could have been contained at that time, deserves a discussion of tactics, not an automatic criticism that all would have ended well. Few appreciate the depth of psychotic hostility drives Russophobia.

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(For some reason this last papragraph to the preceding comment isn't showing.)

So much for mind-reading. However, whether Putin could have gone into Ukraine and seized it as easily as Strelkov and others claim, and more importantly, how well repercussions could have been contained at that time, deserves a discussion of tactics, not an automatic criticism that all would have ended well. Few appreciate the depth of psychotic hostility drives Russophobia.

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I wish Col. MacGregor could be confronted with these facts....makes me think more than ever the PTB, all of them, East AND West are making chumps out of all of us and distracting us with war while they fully implement their CBDC/AI/hellish whatever NWO

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Here is an extreme example: How many people think we only live once on Earth and that humans evolved here? They are all being "led through the nose!" Now, you could blame all the individuals who got taken in by this sick operation, but some of the responsibility has to be on the operators, don't you think? Putin's public pronouncements are heavily laced with propaganda, but that's nothing new for any world leader. No one like that wants to admit that they were persuaded (conned) to do something stupid. But remember: We all have. We can put our leaders up on pedestals and expect them to be sophisticated while most of us suffer from terminal naivete. But most of them are in the same situation we are in when it comes to the big issues. They are struggling at least as much as we are, at least if they want to do the right thing.

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This reminds me of a Unz article by Anatoly Karlin: https://www.unz.com/akarlin/poland-will-legalize-gay-marriage-within-10-years/

Russia doesn't support gay marriage, but other than that, per Karlin, "Russia remains considerably less conservative than Poland in most aspects. Russians are much less religious, at least in terms of active practice, and the ROC is less influential than the Catholic Church. Abortion is legal, while it is not in Poland." Also, it's interesting that Russia, due to his history, demographics or what have you, are much more accepting of living in a "diverse" society than most other western countries: https://assets.pewresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2017/05/05161334/PF_17.05.10_centralEasternEurope_homogeneity420px.png

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The RCC has always been a stronger force of influence upon Europeans than the ROC or Orthodoxy in general because it exerts a morality of do's and don'ts affecting the Catholic psyche causing guilt. Orthodoxy is more vague and doesn't do moral admonitions from the pulpit. The Orthodox conscience doesn't feel guilt as strongly as catholics if it does something 'wrong.'

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ROC stands for Republic of China

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Russian Orthodox Church in this context

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and where was the problem in spelling it out in your previous message

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"Here are the key tells we should look for to determine whether and when Russia is getting serious about this fight."

One more:

Permanently ending Ukraine's almost-daily shelling of Donbass (which Russia has every means necessary to do).

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Does that Nose have a 6 shape?

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Shouldn't that be "Glazyev writing ANOTHER op-ed LIKE the last one where he dumped cold water on Pepe Escobar’s feverish 5D delusions"?

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Rolo you are always claiming the oldsters are on-board with all the woke shit. Well I don't know what part of America you have or have not lived, but it is PRECISELY the opposite. It is the old farts (and others not quite as old), who clearly remember a sane World and who hate this garbage, and the young people in their 20's, 30's who are most infatuated with intersectionality, etc. There are some leftover hippies but the people who have imbibed this totally are the young. Our colleges were taken over (yes, by those old hippies, but they were/are not the majority of their generation) and the people graduated in the last 10 years ... are the WORST.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is urging the State Legislature to oppose the upcoming CBDC rollout:


Where's Putin this? In like Flint?

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By the way, no powerful Ukrainian big arrow offensive yet, neither at Bakhmut nor towards Crimea. I had read somewhere should've started mid-this week. Trepidation for the big kinetics, but also because if this one fails, further aid to the Ukrainian war effort will be difficult to justify.

Or perhaps as was the famed Russian Winter Offensive, also this one will turn out to be hot air and a press dummy round

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Col. McGregor has been opining that the Russian Winter Offensive didn't happen because the ground didn't freeze. Now he is saying that the Russian army can't advance because its tanks will be stuck in the mud. Maybe it will come in summer? That is, if the US/NATO doesn't start bombing Russia first, I guess.

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do you have a link (I'm assuming a podcast/video interview) for McGregor's "ground didn't freeze so no Russian offensive" statement? I'd be very interested in hearing this new take.

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He said it recently on one of his many YouTube interviews. It shouldn't be hard to find.

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Why did the "West" change the name of Kiev to whatever it is now? Why do they continually change the name of countries they subjugate?

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I think I wrote an article about the language wars.

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I struggle to understand what you're saying. How to make sense of this for instance:

"All the territories that are being fought over now were then turned into fortresses by the Ukrainians. All because Putin and friends are now seriously claiming that they honestly believed that NATO would appreciate their big-hearted gestures."

In English this reads as "something was done in the past because of something happening now". Which is clearly wrong.

But I can't figure how to re-read it and make it right.

As for claim about NATO misleading and Russia naively believing I don't see they're mutually exclusive at all. A prudent man makes provision for betrayal, shall we say.

There is much inexactitude generalisation and impassioned histrionic here I think.

And overall it falls firmly into the camp that I haven't got a name for yet. The camp that confuses the virtual reality, the abstract noun that is the name for a 'nation' with the people that are all that nations actually are. No people: no nation.

This allows wild generalisations such as: "Japan always has a claim on these islands".

This is the most common manner of speech in geopolitical talk I find.

Such discussions can hardly exist without using that method of speech.

Yet it is clearly nonsense.

There is no 'Japan' to have that 'always' claim.

There are only Japanese people here or there, in or out of government, to make that claim.

It is a total fallacy. It is veering off into a lunatic world of fantasy. Yet that is where the whole subject apparently lives, I find, in my (very limited and shallow, I admit) study of the subject.

It is like ancient religious belief in the omnipresence of demons and angels. The whole of reality could be seen through that lens and examples always found to bolster the contention.

Not totally like that. Not a perfect analogy but close.

And this polemic is largely in that world, that vein.

That's not good, to my mind. Not good at all. It muddies the water and removes from practical reality. Leads to such as we have now in Ukraine.

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"All the territories that are being fought over now were then turned into fortresses by the Ukrainians. All because - as Putin and friends are now seriously claiming - they honestly believed that NATO would appreciate their big-hearted gestures."

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Still doesn't make sense though from a different angle now. Why would Kiev makes fortresses because Russia honestly believed.... or didn't.. ?

I would like to know why Kiev made fortresses. In fact I'd like to see these 'fortresses'. All I've ever seen is rude slit trenches.

But why did they make those fortresses such as they are? They are defensive. They amassed troops for an attack on the 25th.

They had the USA and NATO thoroughly onside all the time.

So which is it? They were expecting to attack and win?

Or they were expecting to attack and lose?

Or they were defensive from the word go?

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Mar 23, 2023Liked by Rurik Skywalker

You are a titanic midwit. "They honestly believed that NATO would appreciate their big-hearted gestures" ergo they didn't take action to defeat the Ukrainians at that time, ergo the Ukrainians had time to build up fortifications. This should really be obvious.

Moving onto your false dichotomy, no, you don't need to expect to lose to build fortifications. War is a game of attack and defend, Ukraine realized they would struggle if Russia ever got fully involved so they built fortifications to prepare for that outcome. In fact, any competent military will have a plan and make preparations for any reasonably likely outcome. It's not as though building fortifications precludes them from winning offensive battles. Your dichotomy is based on pure wordplay without any connection to the practical realities of war.

Incidentally, modern day fortresses are typically underground structures and tunnels connecting above ground fighting positions (or buildings in a city) together. Otherwise they would just be blown up by artillery. If you want to see the Ukrainians build Neuschwanstein Castle in downtown Marinka I'm afraid you'll have to keep waiting.

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I always wonder why foul mouthed abusive ad hominem lovers such as yourself don't have the common decency to leave apart all pretence of intelligent valuable discussion and instead have the guts to just baldly and openly launch into what they like doing: abusing other people and demonstrating their own primitive ape like mentality and behaviour. I finally figured out why I was having such difficulty understanding it. It's because I was assuming they were rational and sane. Now that I know they are raving lunatics I feel much better about the whole thing. It becomes understandable. Perhaps even treatable. By the appropriate doctors or whatever. Not by me. My role is just to avoid any further interaction with them. Just go wash my hands.

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To the passing reader of this comment chain (as I assume this individual will not be responding further), I would like to point out that 90% of my comment was criticizing his statements, my insult simply being the conclusion I came to in light of them. Meanwhile this comment disregards my arguments in favor of dismissing me as a "raving lunatic", the literal textbook definition of ad hominem.

This is very funny.

In any case, if my rude demeanor drives away these bizarrely smug midwits, that's fine by me.

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you can always spot the midwit because they like to use dem fancy wurds to try and convince the peasants of their smarts. Or they list off their credentials.

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You still support poop? Now that is a laugh. Proving once again that you are the gullible one. Do you not realize poop HATES the Russian people? Do you not understand that he wants as many Russians to die as possible? Do you not realize that in his 24 years as the Russian despot along with his cronies have done everything possible to undermine Russia’s position? Poop has done everything he could to betray Russian soldiers at the time of war, by not preparing them, he even allowed the Russian people’s financial reserves to be stolen. Poop will be killed, the question is by whom? The US or anti poop patriots.

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