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The 10th Century Great Reset w/ Laurent Guyenot

The 10th Century Great Reset w/ Laurent Guyenot

[The Founding Hoax of Catholicism, The Identity of Charlemagne and Attila the Hun, Orthodox Kow-Towing to the West, Did the Slavs Spontaneously Manifest? The Mud Flood/Comet/Volcano Theory and more!]

Many thanks to Laurent for coming on to talk to me about Christianity, chronological revisionism, and ancient catastrophes!

We spent some time in the first third of the podcast summarizing previous conversations and talking about Laurent’s upcoming book about Byzantium and his previous book, Anno Domini, which you should definitely buy to support Laurent’s work.

Here was the previous conversation we had:

This time, we went further east than we had before. We touched on Hungary, Romania, the Eastern Slavlands, the Turks and finally, the 10th century catastrophe that may have reset our remembered history.

Everyone ought to find something interesting to chew over in this podcast, especially the Catholics, who I know will enjoy the deep dive that Laurent and I take investigating the true purpose of the Papacy!

For more information on the “mud flood” as it relates to the 10th century collapse, you can read on here.

And for the explanation of the Attila-Alaric-Charlemagne theory, you can read the Hungarian version here.