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The Possibility of a Scientific Mysticism w/ Theodore Atkinson

The Possibility of a Scientific Mysticism w/ Theodore Atkinson

[Atkinson and the A B C s of Magic, Modern Science is Based on NOTHING, Mental Science or Empirical Mysticism? The 7 Principles of the Kybalion, Occult Equations For Manipulating the Public and More!]

I think all people should read the Kybalion.

And they should also read T. Atkinson’s blog:

Thank you to my guest for coming on!

My goal is to reject all aspects of modernity. Or, to at least explain how this can be done.

I think this talk will complement or rather set up my planned essay on Aristotle and the deception that he pulled on the world by promoting his version of Science and the adoption of this model by Christian theologians. Aristotle is credited with fighting a war against “superstition” and laying the cognitive foundation for what would become science as we know it today. On a conceptual level, Aristotle divorced science from metaphysics. This was a continuation of Plato’s model for abolishing the traditional world and constructing what would come to be totalitarianism or rather just modernity. And the Christians liked Aristotle because he offered a non-pagan science. So, there is no science in the Bible and the only science that they had access to before that was pagan. And, that which is not contained in the Bible and the Hebrew tradition is what is called, in theological terms, “Satanism”.

But Aristotle’s “de-metaphysicized” science was a game changer.

He only concerned himself with “materialism” or rather “dead matter”. Since this Aristotelian science didn’t allow for anything related to otherworldly forces in the model, Christians were able to come up with a justification for adopting it. Because, again, it didn’t make any metaphysical claims or use pagan metaphysics. And the Christians had a similar dualism in their approach to conceptualizing the world. This world was devoid of grace — only heavenly Israel had any metaphysical value. So, both Aristotle and the Christian theologians took the view that the world that we live in is dead (metaphysically-speaking).

If you listened to my talk with Skrbina about how pan-psychism was the pre-Platonic, pre-Christian view of the traditional ancient world, you will remember what I am talking about.

Or rather, you will be all set to hear what I am planning to talk about soon.

Adding the Kybalion’s principles back into our science would de-Abrahamize and de-Aristotle-ize our science!