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The Striver Class and Its Discontents w/ Grant Smith

The Striver Class and Its Discontents w/ Grant Smith

[The Hand on Hot Stove Trick, The Weaponization of Risk, The Implicit Low-Statusness of Objecting to the Elite Agenda, Commodification and Re-Sacralization, Who Will Become King in America? and more!]

Many thanks to Grant Smith for coming on!

You can find him here:

His latest article about spook psychology was quite good and thought-stimulating:

The Radical American Mind
Spook Psychology
In the end, he couldn't quite make sense of it; he couldn't accept living in that epistemic fog we must all inhabit; he reached for more certainty than he could have; and it drove him mad. -John Carter In some ways the world is very complicated. If you try to make sense of it in those ways, it’ll just make you want to set yourself on fire. In other way…
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Actually, I intend to expand on the concept by discussing what I’ve started to call the Eternal Bohemian Grove, which is a process by which hostile, deviant elites self-segregate into secret societies where they engage in anti-social behavior and plot to inflict great harm on society.

Specifically, the spook phenomenon can be traced back to Sparta and the Krypteia.

Spook organizations have been based on this model ever since then — the Perennial Krypteai. In both America and in the East. If you have ever watched The Kay Griggs interviews, you’d hear it straight from the disgruntled wife of a top spook spilling the beans that the Deep State model in America was also based on Sparta.

All modern states are built on a “Krypteia”, in fact. This is because modern states are based on ideologies — unnatural ones at that — which need to be enforced by spooks otherwise nature will reassert itself. Furthermore, there is a kind of “moral Totalitarianism” that has to replace a more natural society based on identity and actual spiritual practice.

The simple formula for totalitarianism is just: Noble Lie ==> Ideological/Moral Code ==> Guardians of the Noble Lie + Moral Code.

We need to build an anti-Sparta, essentially and to root out all the Bohemian Groves.