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Red List 05 - Lenin's Revolution

Red List 05 - Lenin's Revolution

(Lenin - a Documentary Series, Russian Revolution Wasn't Russian, The Balts and the Finns Supported the Revolution, The Crimes of the Reds Cannot Be Blamed on Russians, De-Communization Must Continue)

The total count of the revolutionaries of 1906 and 1907, as provided by the secret documents presented in the documentary series “Lenin” released by the Russian government:

From the top-left going counter-clockwise: Polish social-dems - 26,000, Latvian social-dems - 14,000, Jewish Bund - 33,000, Russian social-dems - 31,000.

Then, the composition of the “Russian” social-dems:

From the top-left going counter-clockwise: Caucasians - 5500, Russians/Belorussians/Ukrainians - 4500, Poles - 5500, Jews - 15500.

Of the Russians/Belarussians/Ukrainians, many were only half-Slav.

At best, there were 4500 actual Russians who were involved in the first revolutionary movement of 1906-7. The rest, 99,500, were not Russian. So, 4500 out of the 104,000 revolutionaries come out to about 5%. The Reds were NOT Russian.

Case closed.