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The Dionysian Option w/ Tom Montalk

The Dionysian Option w/ Tom Montalk

[The Altered State of Dionysius, Moralism v Mysticism,The Threat of the Holy Spirit, Get You Some Purple Drank (Kykeon), Ecstasy is a Weapon, The Negative Feminine and Positive Masculine and more!]

Many thanks to Tom for joining me again! His website is a treasure trove of esoteric lore and he is on Twitter too.

Today’s episode was truly special and, if you can keep an open mind, you are in for a real treat. But to truly appreciate it, some baseline concepts need to be understood. Luckily, these concepts were previously explained here on the blog.

Start at the beginning.

Part I:

And then Part II:

Show us some love and I will try to morally guilt Tom into coming back on!

Also, add some binaural beats before hitting play to get the full ecstatic experience!