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The "Dork" Enlightenment and Acceleration Agenda w/ Iain Davis

The "Dork" Enlightenment and Acceleration Agenda w/ Iain Davis

[Nick Land and the Ideology of Creative Destruction, The Moral Totalitarianism of Liberalism, The neo-Platonian Silicon Valley Elites, AI Singularity NOW!, Fungible Power Level Shares and More!]

Many thanks to Iain Davis for coming on the show again. Last time, we left off just as the topic of “The Dark Enlightenment” and “Accelerationism” was brought up. Today’s talk was a continuation then of where we left off last time.

The topic of today is the “revenge of the nerds” plot to institute an AI overclass globally. Is this feasible? Desirable? Inevitable?

Also, once again, we are exploring the hidden meaning behind ideologies and political lexicon. You have probably heard some of these social engineers’ words and ideas circulating on the internet before already. But words aren’t ever what they seem in the modern political system. What are these social engineers really about then and why do they use 10-dollar words to make sure that the peasants can’t understand what they are saying?

NOTE: I am not sure that Spandrell belongs on this infographic. His bioleninism theory, at least, is a critique of kakistocracy, essentially. But perhaps he also advocates for a dorkocracy to replace the current system like Land and Moldbug do. as well. I confess that I do not know. However, Spandrell is indeed an IQ fetishist who is involved in some way with Peter Thiel like the other two. His shilling for Urbit, a Thiel project is proof of this on its own. Perhaps I can ask Iain about it next time.

Feel free to check out Iain’s blog as well!